The Recluse


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released April 19, 2016

Mixed and mastered by Andrew Scott Grace
Vocals recorded by Chris and Blake at Nerd Craft Music Studio

Lyrics and vocals by Jerret Aubert
Music by Andrew Scott Grace
Additional vocals by Duncan Bentley, Josh Frazier, Troy Greene and Andrew Hileman

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Track Name: Malice
You cant lie to yourself any longer
Trust me, face the facts its basic human nature
Every day we live with a cloud pouring over our heads
End this cycle
Release the malice that dwells inside you
Everyday suppressing your emotions
Your malice onto me
I'll take your pain, I'll set you free
Liberate your internal desire to end all human life
Unshackle the chains that restrict your senseless need for violence
Amidst the carnage the blood smelled so fresh
Bleeding and waiting for your turn to die
Track Name: King (ft. Andrew Hileman of I AM)
First we burn your kingdom to the ground and as we rape your Queen decapitate the pathetic King
As heads roll, destroy the thrones
As the blood flows drown the wives
The children become slaves
I am now your new king so bow to me
Now I am your new king so bow to me
Say goodbye to the world you once knew
Everything that once was is now dead and gone
Bow to me, crown me, I am your new king
Blood thirsty my kingdom can be, eternal reign wasn't granted to me
Fall I will not
King I shall always be.
Now you must bow to me.
When thy iron fist come smashing down all of those who have opposed me shall be put underground
Until the day I day you let my voice be heard
Long after my death my voice will still be heard
When I am but nothing but bones in this earth there will still be those who tremble at the site of my crown
When I am but nothing but dust in this dirt there will still be those who tremble at the site of my crown
Track Name: Untitled
Since I was a child it was clear to see the fucking worthless piece of shit that I turned out to be
But don't you dare judge me because cant you see, the world is full of motherfuckers just like you and me
So take your eyes of off me I cant stand to be around your bullshit any fucking longer
Your bitter judgment is beating down like a cold rain on my naked skin
You've grown stronger as I've grown weaker, this is my final breath, my final moment on earth
I could give one fuck about my life or whether it goes on or whether it ends to night
There is no silver lining everything is pure shit
We all have a choice in life so lets just choose to fucking quit
End this life.
End it tonight
I am the end result of a lifetime worth of pain
Nothing can change what has been done to me
So its time to stop running and finally face the fucking Hell that's been patiently waiting for me
End this life.
End it tonight.
Track Name: Regression (ft. Josh Frazier of Beyond The Shore)
The fire in your eyes has turned to ice
You’re nothing in this world
a living disgrace
I can see right through your fucking mask
Your insecurities consume your ability to live
There is a voice whispering in your ear
but it's not your conscience
Backwards progress
Left with no meaning
Take off your mask
You have no purpose
I lay you down to rest, may you rot in peace
Eyes wide shut to everything around you
Eyes. wide. shut
I created what you are and what you’ve become
but I’m not your god
Your obsession with possession of false hope is pathetic
After all these years you dig, further down in this pit
Its getting harder to see, its getting harder to breathe, the whisper in your ear has turned into a fucking screech
Track Name: N(a)il (ft. Troy Greene of VÆN)
So I jam my thumbs in my eyes
So I don't have to see this world anymore
So bury me six feet fucking deep
Restless thoughts from my lack of sleep
So talk your faith as you want
Spewing disease like a two face cunt
Oh fuck
I can't wait to watch the whole world die
No more god
No more children
Fed their lies
I warned you to steer clear from me
This is the result of true misanthropy
Human specicide
Rid this world
Of the scum
Give me any reason to see a point in life
I see no point
No point in this life
Track Name: 187
Draw the life from my veins
Sew my eyes shut
I don't want to see stars at night
This is my endless fight
For life worth teaching
The third trumpet has been blown
Watch the mourning star hit the earth
Hit the earth
And when that moment comes
I'll be at the seas
Filling my body was more than it can take
Wet sand on my knees
God's nectar dripping from my chin
I am hopelessness
I am lethargy
I am a burning building
You are as I will be
Track Name: Extortion
Just try to imagining awakening one day to find the life you knew is over
Break yourself from from the every day bullshit routine
I challenge you to wake up and do something different from what this society desires
I see it
Mindlessly wandering flocking like cattle
When will you open your eyes and realize that there is more than whats been placed in front of you
I'm fucking sick and goddamn tired of this selfish simple minded ignorance
Taking advantage
Not giving one fuck
While others struggle to live life
You're making me fucking sick
Take everything for granted
You've been handed everything
You know the value of absolutely nothing
Don't acknowledge those around you
Only concerned about one self and all your bullshit material possessions
This world makes me fucking sick, and there is nothing
Track Name: Deceit (ft. Duncan Bentley of Vulvodynia)
Come find me when this world ends
I'll be walking hand in hand with the devil
Our journey doesn't end it only merely extends past the light at the end of the tunnel
Darkened thoughts are filling my head
I'm clearly insane, or am I dead?
I've been pushed ever closer to the edge
Everyday I see images
They haunt me, they taunt me
As the begin to burrow under my skin
Strike me down
Reveal the truth that I found
Cast me out into the darkness
Bury me
While I'm still breathing
Why waste the breath, people don't change as they've been brainwashed to follow
Wasting away to leave behind nothing but an empty shell
How can you not see behind the curtain of the lies?
Fuck this I quit nor I never asked for this life, this world, and all its bullshit mentally and emotionally draining me beating me down
When I see your face the bile rises up in my esophagus as you spew your filth out your mouth for the hole world to see
Hate everything
Believe in nothing